Galapagos Islands cruise

Galapagos tortoiseThere are 13 large islands, 6 smaller ones and 107 islets and rocks, with a total land area of about 8,000 square kilometres. The islands are volcanic in origin and several volcanoes in the west of the archipelago are still very active. Galapagos is a province of the Republic of Ecuador and five of the islands are inhabited, with a total population of around 18,000 people. The capital is Puerto Baquerizo Moreno on San Cristobal Island, although the largest town is Puerto Ayora on Santa Cruz.

Travel to the Galapagos Islands is as fascinating today as in Darwin’s day, thanks to the protection afforded by their National Park status and designation as a World Natural Heritage Site. Unique, even bizarre or comical creatures, knowing virtually no natural predators ignore humans as they cavort, rest or play in their fabulous environment.

For naturalists, bird watchers, divers and everyone inspired by natural beauty, the Galapagos Islands provide an overwhelming, unforgettable experience.

Some of the species you may see include Golden Rays, Green Sea Turtles (on the rare and endangered species list), Galapagos Sharks, Lava Herons, Yellow Warblers and a variety of other bird species. At Hood Island, there are Marine Iguanas, which turn a brilliant turquoise and red during the breeding season; Hood Island Mockingbirds (one of 4 distinct species in Galapagos); soaring wide-winged Waved Albatrosses; and amusing Blue-footed Boobies, known for their energetic honking and whistling courtship dance.

Galapagos Andando cruiseIf you visiting the Galapagos Islands without taking a Galapagos cruise is missing an important part of the Galapagos experience. Vessels were specifically designed for cruising and exploring the Galapagos Islands, with the comfort and safety of passengers in mind.

The vessels capacity run from 8 to 100 passengers, and are perfectly suited for the Islands, our vessels size allows them to anchor closer to the landing areas, there by permitting more time exploring.

A range of accommodations from Tourist Class for budget-minded or student-travelers, to Luxury Class vessels for those seeking additional comforts.