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Galapagos Islands has several spectacular sites to practice scuba diving where you will be able to admire its submarine marvels.


Galapagos diving islands, Isanela Island, Punta Vicente RocaPunta Vicente Roca:  A wall dive, takes you in and out of a shallow, undersea cave.  Here, encounter the Port Jackson or Horned shark, a species of bottom shark.  The wall shows an incredible variety of sponges, corals and other invertebrates.

Galapagos scuba diving, Isabela Island, Tagus CoveTagus Cove: Cold water dive (sometimes as low as 62 F.). It is excellent for sea turtles, and macro subjects such as red lipped batfish, and the endemic “camotillo” a species of fish restricted only to Galapagos waters. While making your safety stop, keep an eye out for penguins or flightless cormorants coming your way.


Galapagos diving, Fernandina Islands, Roca Redonda Roca Redonda: This is a fragment of a old eroded cinder cone, it was the site of the first dive of the 1999 expedition. It offers an advanced divers an excellent opportunity to see hammerhead sharks, reef fish, triggerfish, whales and dolphins.

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