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Galapagos Islands Estrella first class cruise

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Galapagos Islands cruises, Estrella del Mar first class cruise

Estrella del Mar was built in 1990, it is one in a series of ships that cruises the Galapagos Islands in style (Dorado, Cruz del Sur).

It has capacity for 16 passengers in 8 double cabins with windows, air-conditioning and private bathroom.

The yacht features wide sun-decks, bar and comfortable dining / lounge. Both yachts feature wide sun decks.

The spacious dining room offering fine cuisine, ranging from international to local specialties, in an atmosphere perfect for making new friends.

The wide sundecks are perfect for sunbathing by day and stargazing by night.


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The Galapagos Explorer II, the newest and most comfortable exploration vessel operating in the Galapagos Islands.


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