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What is
the Galapagos National Park?

The park was established on 14 May 1936 by Executive Decree No. 31 and ratified on 4 July 1959 by Decree No. 17. At that time the boundary of the national park was fixed to include all Galapagos Islands, except those which had already been colonized as of 20 July 1959. After final establishment of the boundaries in 1968, 96% of the land area of the archipelago was included in the park.

The Galapagos National Park contributes to the development of the insular region in accordance with the characteristics and capacity of the unique Galapagos ecosystems.

The Galapagos National Park Service works hand in hand with the Charles  Darwin  Research  Station  implementing  their  common goals of

conservation and preservations of the natural resources with the Galapagos National Park and Galapagos Marine Reserve.

The park service approves all itineraries of boats visiting the islands making sure that the tourism is distributed evenly throughout the islands.

They also work as the licensing board for guides in the islands.
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