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Why do we need to pay a $100.00 Park Fee?

There is a bank in Puerto Ayora (Santa Cruz Island) and Puerto Baquerizo (San Cristobal Island) that have ATMs.

The Banco del Pacifico is open Monday to Friday 08h00 to 15h30, Saturday's 09h30 to 12h30 on both islands.

What is Lonesome George?

Lonesome George

Lonesome George is a giant tortoise that comes from the Pinta Island in Galapagos. Many years ago, there were thousands of tortoises on the island, but some people put some goats on the island and those goats ate all of the food that the tortoises were using for their food. Now, there are no more tortoises on that island. George is the last tortoise from that island that is still alive (And he’s about 80 years old).

George is destined to life as a bachelor, and when he goes, so does his race. Now we are more conscientious about the environment, but due to a careless past, another animal will become extinct.

You can now visit Lonely George at the Charles Darwin Research Station on Santa Cruz island

Who need visa to go to Galapagos?

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The Galapagos Explorer II, the newest and most comfortable exploration vessel operating in the Galapagos Islands.


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