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Floreana Island

Post Office Bay: This is a small bay a short sail west of Punta Cormorant. It is mainly of historical interest.

The beach is a wet landing. The trail is only a few meters, but use sandals because of the sharp seeds of puncture vine.

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In 1793, British navigators placed a large wooden barrel here, to leave messages and mail for homebound voyagers. A decade later it was used for espionage during the Anglo-American naval wan.

The tradition has continued until the present day, using replaced barrels over time and it is now a way of sending postcards home. Visiting yachts have added their calling cards, pieces of carved driftwood, a practice which is accepted unofficially by the park.

Beyond the barrel, a trail continues past the remains of an aborted Norwegian fish-canning enterprise. The skeletons of trapped sea turtles add to the gloom within. Farther west is the small village community of Black Beach; here you can get cards printed with a postmark at the Wittmer family guest house.

The Wittmers were one of the first families to colonize the Galapagos Islands.

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