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Devil's Crown: Is a marine site located a short distance from the island. It is an old eroded volcanic cone and a popular roosting site for sea lions and seabirds such as boobies, pelicans, and frigates. Red-billed tropicbirds nest in rocky crevices.

This area looks dry and rocky from the surface, but the volcanic crater pinnacles that rise up from sandy rubble bottom are loaded with life.

Schools of King Angelfish are common, as are large marbled rays that hide motionless under the rocky ledges.

Very large balloonfish and large heiroglyphic hawkfish make way for the white-tip sharks making their escape from intrusive photographers.

The rocky ridges are also home to scrawled filefish, schools of yellowtail grunts, turtles, tiger snake eels and of course, sea lions.

Groups of hammerheads and spotted eagle rays cruise back and forth across the currents and do come quite close to divers who are stationary for a while.

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