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La Casa de Marita

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Galapagos Islands cruises, La Casa de MaritaLa Casa de Marita hotel, located is located on the southern tip of Isabela island, the largest in Galapagos, most of which is National Park lands.

La Casa de Marita's seeks to combine all of the traditional qualities of an international standard hotel, such as comfort, privacy, and service with the family atmosphere of a large vacation home of the Italian countryside.

Galapagos hotels, La Casa de Marita roomThe central house and surrounding buildings contain 10 independent suites, all just a few feets from the beach, and all reflecting an individual interplay of color, architecture and decor. (Green Room, Blue Room, Orange Room, Mango Suite, Yellow Room, Liliac Room, Mangrove Room, Harlequin Room, Rainbow Room, Colonial Room)

Rates 2005: / ROOMS


Single 35
Double 60
Junior Suite 70
Main Suite 90

Lote 2, manzana 6
Phone: (593) (5) 2529238

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