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Galapagos hotels, Sol y Mar hotelThe hotel is located on the shoreline road between the pier (a ten-minute walk) and the Charles Darwin Research Station (a five-minute walk). This is a very simple and private place with just a few rooms. Hotel Sol y Mar accommodating from two to four or five people. Some of the rooms have ocean views, and all have private bathrooms. 

Galapagos Islands hotels, Hotel Sol y MarThe sundeck in front of the block of rooms is a great place to sit and get your first impressions of Galapagos wildlife. Marine iguanas bask on the concrete, brown pelicans perch on the pilings, and a great blue heron patrols the entire patio area.

Facilities: Waterfront, rooms with private washroom and ceiling fans, restaurant, bar, telephone, laundry service.

Rates 2005: / ROOMS


Single 30
Double 40
Triple 45

Darwin Ave
Phone: (593) (5) 252 6281

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The Galapagos Explorer II, the newest and most comfortable exploration vessel operating in the Galapagos Islands.


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