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Isabela Island

Urbina Bay: Urbina Bay is one of the best and the most recent example of Geological Uplift in the Galapagos. It is an easy wet landing on a gentle sloping beach.

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This area is very interesting in that it is a perfect example of the geological activity of the islands.  In 1954 over 3 miles (5 kilometers) of the marine reef at the edge of the shore were uplifted by 13 feet (4 meters). Corals and other marine formations distinguish this site. Flightless cormorants and brown pelicans nest along the coast.

You can also find large marine iguanas, rays, marine turtles, seashells and the plant Darwiniothamnus tenuifolius.

Punta Albemarle: Is the nesting site for Flightless Cormorants and home to a colony of the largest Marine Iguanas in the islands.

Las Tintoreras: In this site you can observe the white tipped shark. It needs only a 5 min drive in a dinghy from Puerto Villamil.

There is also a trail that allows you to see other plants and animals.

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