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Bindloe Island is a large shield volcano. Named after Fray Antonio Marchena. Has an area of 130 km2 and a maximum altitude of 343 meters. Sparrow hawks and sea lions inhabit this island. Marchena has had a lot of volcanic activity, though there is only one known eruption which occurred in 1992.

It has a caldera, like  many  islands, however, has  been  almost completely

filled with young lavas, some of which has spilled over and down the sides.

The oldest lavas are 500,000 years old.

Marchena is rather desolate and has no fresh water and hence has never been settled, and its flora and fauna have not been disturbed by feral animals or introduced plants. Except for diving in the waters around it, it is off-limits to tourists and is therefore seldom visited.

Tortoises have apparently never inhabited the island.

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