Mindo Ecuador

"Valley of Eternal Spring"

Ecuador, Mindo cloud forest, flowerMindo know as "Valley of Eternal Spring", is located some 2.5 hours west from Quito at 2,100m in altitude,  in a deep valley surrounded by native Andean forest, represented by vegetation of three different life zones, from the low subtropical forest to the cloud mountain forest and the high paramo.

A drive from Quito takes approximately 2 hours. Due to the difficult access, the ridges around the valley of Mindo have not been used for agricultural purposes and the forest remains almost untouched.

Mindo is a birdwatcher's paradise

Ecuador, Mindo birdwatching, birdThe cloud forest is perhaps the ecosystem that holds the greatest variety of birds and plants in the world. It includes birds and plants from the rain forest, some from the highlands, and others that have evolved in this unique ecosystem. Some of the most impressive bird species of the cloud forest are: Cock of the Rock, an abundance of Hummingbirds, Tanagers, Mountain Toucans, Cotingas, Manakins, among others.

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