Ecuador, Mindo Cloud Forest

Ecuador, Mindo cloud forest, OrchidMindo is a very special site, not only for birdwatchers. The town of Mindo itself has a beautiful orchid display, a butterfly center, and other tourist and scientific attractions.

Opportunities for rafting in the nearby rivers are also offered. The people from the town have also invented a fun water sport: rafting on big water tubes on not-so-wild rivers.

MIndo Nambillo forest protected reserveThe Mindo Nambillo forest is a protected reserve

The Mindo-Nambillo Forest is a protected reserve harbouring a great variety of birds as well as orchids and bromeliads.

This beautiful valley is located at 0° 00'46” latitude north, amidst the exuberant vegetation of the cloud forest northeast of Quito.

Mindo is an area of historic ornithological studies, where early collectors and ornithologists discovered or collected many species (e.g., see Chapman 1926). Due to its critically important role in the conservation of numerous rare and endemic species, Mindo was designated South America's first Important Bird Area (IBA) by BirdLife International (1997).



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