Galapagos lava lizard
Lava lizard

Galapagos photos

The Galapagos Islands lie almost a thousand kilometers off the coast of Ecuador’s mainland. Biologically diverse, they are one of the planet’s natural paradises and one of the most visited national parks in the world.

The flora and fauna you’ll find here are truly unique. Here, you’ll see unending beaches of marble white sand such as those of Tortuga Bay, tunnels of lava, spectacular diving areas, and a marine reserve, not to mention the prehistoric animals and colorful birds you’ll get a chance to observe.

There are thirteen main islands that make up the archipelago. The climate here is sub-tropical. The Galapagos Islands have two airports with flights to Quito and Guayaquil.


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Galapagos flower

Galapagos iguana

Galapagos cactus

Galapagos finch

Galapagos Post Office Bay
Post Office Bay

Galapagos red footed booby
Red footed booby

Galapagos Cerro Tijeretas
Cerro Tijeretas

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