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Amazon rainforest tours in Ecuador

Amazon rain forest plants, Tropical rainforest in EcuadorEpiphytes, like orchids, bromeliads and ferns sit there and the woody vines and strangler figs start growing in those treetops and shoot down their roots to reach the soil. It is also the habitat for most birds and mammals feeding on their fruits. The forest bottom receives very little light (often only 1%) and the vegetation is therefore sparse. Only in areas where more light reaches the bottom like at the shores of rivers and lakes or where natural disasters like wind or lightning felled larger trees can flowering plants like heliconias establish themselves

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From all the tropical rainforest regions of the world, the one of the Amazon, which has still a continues area of about 6 million km2 is the richest of them all, with the highest biodiversity of any ecosystem in the world. There are guesses of up to 10 million possible species, most of them insects , inhabitating those woods.

Ecuador has a part of this rich ecosystem

Ecuador's Amazon ecosystem is composed of approximately 130,000 sq. km. As the rainforest gradually ascends from the Amazon basin to the high Andes, the ecosystem is continually changing, providing an endless variety of plant and animal habitats. White water rapids, impressive waterfalls and spectacular viewpoints abound in the jungle close to the Andes. Deeper inside the Amazon basin there are flat, flooded forests, with large lagoons containing abundant wildlife.


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