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Amazon rainforest wildlife

The most numerous of all animals living in the Amazon tropical rain forest, wildlife, monkeyrainforests are the invertebrates, which number in the millions and still wait to be classified. Ants play an important role in the forest, living often together in a symbiotic relationship with trees. Beetles abound and often individual tree species have their own species of beetles. Spiders, butterflies, walking sticks, praying mantis, wasps, etc., all play an important role in the forest.

The rainforest is also home to a wide range of birds, which often are important seed dispersers along with mammals.

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Ecuador has the largest bio-diversity per square meters in the World

The most famous butBird in Amazon tropical rain forest unfortunately already rarely seen, is the mighty king vulture, called so because all other birds yield once it arrives at a feeding place. Other interesting birds are eagles, with the famous harpy eagle which can grab monkeys right out of the tree tops. A strange and pre-historic bird is the hoatzin, which are found in the shrubs near lagoons. Other well known birds are the colorful macaws and the huge billed toucans, which can be seen mostly flying over the tree tops.

The largest mammal found in the rainforest is the Amazon tapir. This non-aggressive animal eats plants and can weigh up to 300kg.


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