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Galapagos Islands vacations, Santa Cruz Highlands

Santa Cruz Highlands: Santa Cruz possesses all of the various life zones present in the archipelago.  As you travel through these zones birders are enchanted. Whether it's the bright red feathers of a Vermillion Flycatcher or one of Darwin's Finches almost every bird present in the islands can be found here.

Santa Cruz offers excellent opportunities for viewing wild tortoises. Steve & Jenny Devine's Ranch is is one of the places where these magnificent creatures roam free.

As you walk through the forest, listen carefully for the sound of heavy foot steps and the sound of shrubs being slowly crushed as the tortoises make their way through the brush to enjoy a meal. Tracking tortoises is not the only exciting activity to be found in the Highlands

There are also plenty of lava tubes, sinkholes and craters to explore.
Santa Cruz Highlands is a definite contrast with the arid scenery of the smaller, lower islands. A point of interest is the famed lava tunnels, a fun and geologically informative visit

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