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Santiago Island

Its name is equivalent to Saint James in English; it is also known as San Salvador, after the first island discovered by Columbus in the Caribbean Sea. This island has an area of 585 km2 and a maximum altitude of 907 meters. Marine iguanas, sea lions, fur seals, land and sea turtles, flamingos, dolphins and sharks are found here.

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The most interesting sites to visit are: Buccaneer's Cove, Sullivan Bay, Espumilla Beach and James Bay or Puerto Egas.

Buccaneer's Cove: The beach is home to a large number of sea lions. Originally the beach was a place where ships were hauled ashore for careening (cleaning) in the 17th and 18th centuries.
Sullivan Bay: There you can admire a large area of fresh pahoehoe lava flows dating from an eruption in 1897.

A walk over this glazed black rock gives the impression of the still-molten lava, as every ripple, swirl, and bubble in its surface has been preserved.
Tiny fragile Mollugi plants can be spotted growing out of fissures as they begin to colonize the arid terrain.

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