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Santiago Island

James Bay or Puerto Egas: The island is currently uninhabited. James Bay or Puerto Egas on the west coast of Santiago, with a black sand beach and small cliffs of tuff formations, was once colonized by man.

Espumilla beach, Santiago Island, Puerto Egas

The remains of some buildings still stand on the cliff. With a climb, visitors are rewarded to a spectacular view of two craters of tuff cones and the panorama of the bay.

An easier walk is to the grottos, basaltic marine caves with open roof, on the littoral.

These natural pools are an enchanting place, where sea lions and fur sea lions come to play. Shorebirds are numerous, including 10 species of the Darwin Finches as well as the Galapagos Hawk, lava herons, oystercatchers, whimbrels, semipalmated plovers and wandering tattlers. Lava Lizards, zayapas, red and turquoise blue crabs are everywhere.

Galapagos doves are also common in the area. Puerto Egas is the best site in the Archipelago to watch the Galapagos Fur Seal. Visitors may also enjoy snorkeling and swimming.

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