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Galapagos Islands Sea Birds & cruises, Masked Booby

Masked Booby: (Sula dactylatra granti) The largest of the three species of boobies found in the islands, and also handsomest. They are also plunge-divers. It is interesting that Masked Boobies always lay two eggs but only raise one chick.

Best viewed: Española, San Cristobal, Genovesa.

Waved Albatross: (Diomedea irrorata) It is the largest bird that breeds in Galapagos.

There are about 12,000 pairs. The Waved Albatross breeds only on the southern island of Española. The birds are only present sometime between about April and December.

Galapagos Islands Sea Birds, Waved albatrosses

It is incredible to see their flamboyant courtship rituals. Best viewed: Punta Suarez (Española Island)

Galapagos Islands Sea birds, Red-billed Tropicbird

Red-billed Tropicbird: (Phaethon aethereus) Tropicbird colonies are widespread throughout the archipelago, particularly in South Plaza and Genovesa. These birds are plunge-divers, feeding far out in the sea.

How long is the flight from Ecuador to Galapagos?

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