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El Canon: Great, fast, tubing lefthander. Located right in front of a navy base. Rounded and sharp lava rocks. It gets surfed often by Sea lions.

Swell Direction: Norths
Tide: All tides
Season: December through March.
Crowds: Light crowds.

Fast hollow left over shallow rocks, bottles would be advisable. Does get big and hollow sometimes, but usually it is one of the easier waves in Galapagos.

Carola: The jewel of the island. Is a righthander, it can get big and takes only N, NW swells. Square barrels and long rides.

The bottom is formed by rounded lava rocks. It has a nice beach and is also fun to snorkel in. For references, just check all the photos that is not a left.

Galapagos surf, Carola Swell Direction: North
Tide: Low to Medium
Season: December through March.
Crowds: Can get crowded.
Advanced Surfers only.
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