Galapagos Islands sea kayaking

Kayaking in the Galapagos Islands

One of the most intimate ways to explore the Galapagos is by kayak. Sea kayaking takes you straight into the heart of the great outdoors: no motors, no noise, no pollution. You go with the flow, gliding effortlessly beneath towering peaks or along rocky shorelines while floating above sea life unapproachable in any other craft.

Galapagos Islands sea kayaking, Galapagos kayakingEvery sea kayaker seeks that pristine marine environment, with calm inviting waters and intricate coast lines. The Galapagos Islands live up to the dream of sheltered waters far removed from the usual concerns. The skies are almost always sunny, and the light sea breezes create that perfect air temperature which instantly relaxes the body. The ocean is an ever inviting turquoise blue. There are crystal coves and mangrove lagoons. But what will make your sea kayaking journey to Darwin’s paradise truly exceptional are the many opportunities for close encounters with wildlife.

The shores and coastal waters are quite literally teaming with exotic and colorful creatures that have never learned to fear humans. This translates into a series of daily peak experiences including kayaking among playful sea lions, tracking giant tortoise and trading stares with unconcerned iguanas. Bird life is abundant, varied and fearless. You may have to give way as a blue footed booby crosses your path, or have the opportunity to observe a Galapagos hawk perched just a few feet away, as an albatross launches itself off a cliff on a journey that will encompass thousands of miles.

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