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Sally Lightfoot Crab: (Grapsus grapsus) A dramatic scarlet and orange crab growing up to 20 cm.
Often seen in large numbers. Becoming redder with each successive change of shell.

Their common name comes from their ability to "walk on water", as they scurry from rock to rock and climb up vertical slopes

They are scavengers that feed on a variety of fresh and dead material. Some of the most brightly coloured Sally Lightfoots are found on Bartolome Island.

When visitors get too close, these bright invertebrates scuttle away to safety in cracks and behind rocks, for they are prey to shorebirds such as herons.

However, if you take a lesson from the heron's hunting technique and remain motionless for some time, the crabs may come out of hiding and creep quite close.

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The name of "Galapagos" evokes the Giant Turtles

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The Galapagos Explorer II, the newest and most comfortable exploration vessel operating in the Galapagos Islands.


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