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Marine animals

Orca: (Orcinus orca) The most frequently viewed large toothed whale in Galapagos.

It is clearly identifiable by its jet-black and white coloration. Other identifiable feature is the dorsal fin. Orcas generally travel in family groups.

Galapagos Islands marine animals, Orca

Size: Males 8 - 10 m; Females 7-8.5 m , Weight: Males up to 7 tons; Females up to 4.5 tons.

Galapagos marine animals, Bottle Nose Dolphin

Bottle Nose Dolphin:  (Tursiops truncatus) The most commonly observed dolphin in Galapagos. Frequently rides the bow wave of ships and yachts. Bottle Nose Dolphins generally travel in groups
Size: 3 - 4.2 m             Weight: 200 - 300 kg

Hammer Head Shark: (Sphyrna lewini) The Hammer Head Shark has a flattened head that project sideways, with eyes and nostrils to the sides. Hammerheads grow up to 4 m long. They are common in the northern islands and are not dangerous to divers un less fish blood is present

Galapagos Islands marine animals, Hammer Head Shark

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