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Galapagos Shark: Also known as the grey reef whaler, is an aggressive requiem shark that is dark gray on top and has an off-white belly. Its tail has a black edge. There is a ridge running between the dorsal fins.

Galapagos Islands marine animals, Shark

The Galapagos shark was named in 1905 from specimens found near the Galapagos Islands. They average about 10 feet (3m) long but can reach 12 feet (3.7m) long. Galapagos sharks are benthic feeders, eating prey taken from the ocean floor.

Galapagos marine animals, Sting ray

Sting Ray: Although not aggressive, Sting rays will use their poisonous stings if stepped on, so it is a good idea to shuffle your feet as you enter the water, particularly around the beach of Punta Cormorant on Floreana where most of rays live.

Spotted Eagle Ray: The name of the spotted eagle ray is derived from their graceful swimming motion, in which they appear to be flying with their wing-like pectoral fins. 

Galapagos Islands marine animals, Eagle ray

They are mainly found swimming and occasionally leaping on the surface of Black Turtle Cove.

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