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Galapagos Giant Tortoise Races: There are 14 described subspecies of the Galapagos tortoise of which 11 still exist but only 3 of these are reproducing at a rate that means they will survive in the long term.

Threats: The Galapagos Tortoise had no natural enemies but Rats, Dogs, Pigs and Goats have been introduced onto their islands. These are destroying the habitat and eating the young and the eggs. Efforts are now underway to eliminate these foreign invaders from the islands and captive breeding is underway to try to restore the populations of the endangered races.

Diet: The Galapagos tortoise is a generalized herbivore feeding on grasses, vines, cactus fruit, and other vegetation. In the zoo they eat natural grasses, bananas, apples, papayas and lettuce.

Galapagos Islands reptiles, Green turtle

Green Turtle: (Chelonia mydas agassisi) It is thought to be a sub specie on the Pacific. Green Turtle and the only turtle to breed in the islands. They spend most on their lives in shallows lagoons and waters around the islands.

The Green Turtle is almost entirely herbivorous. The females comes ashore at night,

on sandy beaches from December to June, excavate large pits where they lay some 50-80 eggs at a time.

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